Marley Simms Does It Again: Homework Robot


Reading age – 6 – 9 years

Print length – 67 pages

Language – English

Grade level – Kindergarten – 3

Publication date –  3 December 2018



Every kid hates doing homework and Marley Simms is no different. But unlike other kids, Marley has decided she can eliminate her homework problems forever.After “successfully” convincing her teacher that a crazy rabbit trespassed into her house and destroyed her project, Marley is given a second chance to complete her science project. Only Marley just doesn’t want to. Marley decides her efforts would be better spent finding Dr. Nann the Science Man, her favorite YouTube scientist. Surely, a scientist with that many YouTube views must have the skills to build a homework-doing-robot.Using her charming personality and a little birthday money as a bribe, she is able to garner the help of her older brother and sister. The three concoct different schemes to get to the mall where Dr. Nann is appearing. From failed Uber rides to attempted grand theft auto, Marley will not be stopped.Marley Simms Does It Again is a modern-day Junie B. Jones with hilarious and entertaining plot twists. Marley Simms and her silly plans will engae young readers and cause them to laugh out loud. Fall in love with the smart and mischievous Marley Simms today!


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