Marley Simms Does It Again: Hair Day


Reading Age – 6 – 9 years

Print Length – 50 pages

Language – English

Grade Level – Kindergarten – 3

Publication date – 1 May 2018



Every little girl hates getting her hair combed, right? Well, according to Marley they do! But unlike other little girls, Marley Simms is taking a stand. With the help of her older siblings, Marley has decided that she will no longer go down without a fight…or at least, without a hide.

In this hilarious first installment of the Marley Simms Does It Again book series, we meet the feisty eight-year-old bi-racial gamer named, Marley Simms. Marley wants nothing more than to be left alone and for her Mom to keep her hands off of her curly hair. You will laugh out loud as Marley uses every tactic in her arsenal to avoid getting her hair combed. Marley is determined and no one is safe, especially old ladies and dogs!


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